Leafletdrop offer a full leaflet advertising and distribution service in Manchester and surrounding areas and our leaflet targeting tool allows you to pinpoint your exact area and potential target audience.

With a population of some 2.73 million people, Manchester and the surrounding areas of Salford, Bolton, Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale, Bury, Trafford and Tameside have the second highest population density of 4,051 people per square kilometre – second only to London. With more than 1.17 million households in Greater Manchester, we have the target audience data on broad audience groups based on age bands and income ranges.

Why Leaflet Advertising Works

Supporting data shows that despite the widespread use of all things digital, traditional mail is still a very effective marketing tool. Recipients tend to acknowledge and retain information longer than through a fleeting glance at emails or notifications.

Leaflet distribution, also known as door drops or leaflet drops, typically have very high “read” rates – it is estimated that 92% of households open and read what has been delivered to their home. Key to a successful Manchester leaflet advertising campaign, is ensuring that you not only distribute to the correct target audience but that the content within the leaflet drops is well designed.

Print “calls to action” need to be prominent with the telephone number in a very clear place and a central reference to your website. Supporting statistics show that more than 59% of door drop recipients will visit the website and that as many as 67% of those who received a leaflet drop are likely to make a purchase. Add other marketing selling points such as discounts, time limited offers or potentially free quotes and the scope to have a highly successful reach within Manchester is high.

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