Leaflet distribution and advertising campaigns are proving to be more and more effective with a potential high return on investment given a growing apathy to online advertising, email alerts and digital overload. The DMA recently carried out a survey that showed that leaflet distribution has high success rates.

Local Leaflet Distribution in Liverpool

At Leafletdrop, we can organise and manage the full leaflet advertising project cycle from print right through to door drop distribution across Liverpool and surrounding areas. Population statistics and our extensive know how can help make your Liverpool leaflet distribution campaigns successful and stress free.

Leaflet Distribution in Liverpool – Finding Your Ideal Target Audience

With a population of 466,415 (2011 Census), Liverpool has a demographic split by age that is largely in line with the rest of the UK. The population split is dominated by three main bands (based on a percentage of total population in Liverpool) as follows:-   

  • 19 to 24 years 13.2%
  • 30 to 44 years 19.7%
  • 45 to 64 Years 25.4%

To a marketer wanting to reach the right audience through leaflet distribution in Liverpool and the surrounding areas, these are the ideal target audiences. Late teens to mid-twenties are typically entering the world of a regular income, the thirty somethings to mid-forties generally have more disposable income and may well be pre-children while the older band gaps – while still having a disposable income – are “nesters” with family at the core.

For more information on the potential reach of your Liverpool leaflet advertising campaigns please see our leaflet targeting tool that will allow you to pinpoint your best demographic.

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We hope that you find our onsite tools easy to use. If you want to get some insight into your potential leaflet drop reach in Liverpool and the surrounding areas, we suggest that you read how Leafletdrop segment data across households in Liverpool based on age, potential income and other invaluable data to marketers. If you want to dive straight in we invite you to get started or make initial enquiries as to potential cost of leaflet campaigns in Liverpool.

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