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At Leafletdrop, we specialise in delivering an effective leaflet distribution service in Birmingham which is designed to help your business grow through awareness and customer acquisition. In fact, research has shown that those who receive a leaflet are 72% more likely to make a purchase in store or online, so leaflet advertising in Birmingham can really pay off.

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The service we offer is extensive, as we can print, plan, target and distribute your mailshot to the right audience, and make sure that awareness of your brand is increased though our leaflet campaign. Birmingham is a vast city, and vast numbers of people can be reached with our simple yet effective leaflet solutions. 

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All the mail we deliver is unaddressed, and our leaflet distribution in Birmingham can go a long way in creating meaningful, lasting relationships with new customers. In fact, data suggests that:

  • 80% of leafleted customers made repeat purchases in the last four years
  • In shared households, 35% of promotional mail is passed on to others
  • 91% of people can recall receiving a leaflet from a restaurant/take away

There is clearly good reason to invest in a leaflet campaign in Birmingham, and the results could be exceptional in terms of return on investment. Many people actively engage with the leaflets they receive (43% according to Royal Mail), so it is well worth giving your leaflets the exposure they deserve by using an established, professional leaflet advertising service in Birmingham.

Leaflet Targeting in Birmingham

How Leafletdrop Can Help Your Business Thrive

We offer a one stop, guided online leaflet advertising service which can be used by businesses operating in any sector, including retail, food and drink, and healthcare. We can, for example, provide a bespoke leaflet campaign in Birmingham for restaurants looking to promote themselves to customers in the surrounding area, or distribute leaflets for charities looking to target people across the entire city.

No matter what your target audience, we can organise all the logistics and delivery, and help you identify areas to target with your leaflet advertising in Birmingham. The process is incredibly simple, yet an effective, targeted mailshot can bring in great results for your business. If you want to help stimulate growth and raise brand awareness, Leafletdrop have the expertise to deliver an effective, unique leaflet advertising campaign which is bound to ensure that people know about your business.  

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