As one of the nine official regions in England, the South West is the largest by area but one of the lowest by population density. Don’t however let these demographic stats put you off as the South West is a key marketing area through leaflet distribution – whether your business is in the region or not. Bristol is seen as one of the economic powerhouses of the area and, with M4 links from Bristol and south east Dorset as well as a great public transport infrastructure, the South West is increasingly becoming a commutable region for those working in London.

With some 5 million residents, the South West includes the counties of Gloucestershire, Bristol, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall – each with their own contribution to the UK economy through different regional economic focuses.

Market Your Business Across the South West

As leaders in the leaflet distribution industry, we have many clients across the South West who choose us as their preferred leaflet advertising and distribution partner. Our leaflet distribution client base is very diverse, but naturally with the huge tourist opportunities in the South West, we are very active in specialised leaflet campaigns for the travel and leisure sectors.

Bristol – once a maritime leader has evolved to be a leader in aeronautics and defence as well as one of the quickest growing areas in all things digital and with a growing commuting population, average incomes here often exceed those across the rest of the South West. Bath has always had a strong economy and again has a large commuting population. Other notable cities in the South West that use our leaflet distribution services include Exeter, Plymouth, Gloucester and Bournemouth.

Given great transport and accessibility within the region including access to distribution hubs, there are many notable high street brands within the region providing local employment and capitalising on the lower operational overheads.

Let Us Help You Promote Your Business in the South West

If you are looking for leaflet distribution across the South West, please get in contact with Leafletdrop. We use the latest targeting tools to find the ideal households for your marketing materials and with regional hubs across the UK we can target the South West either by city or indeed multiple cities in the region. Call us today to see how our account managers can help illustrate how far your leaflet distribution could reach in the South West.

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