With a population of 462,000 across Swansea and surrounding areas, this is an excellent target geography to promote your products across the second largest city in Wales. With thousands of households in the area, Leafletdrop has a strong presence in Swansea and have run successful leaflet advertising for local and national clients wanting to harness the value of local leaflet advertising campaigns.

Leafletdrop are a full-service leaflet campaign specialist operating in Swansea and can help you to plan your leaflet marketing strategy, then print and deliver your promotional material in any given area.

Royal Mail research shows how consumers are 63% more likely to take mail seriously compared to email – old school marketing still has the potential to reach the right people in this day and age of digital overload. Based on these statistics, leaflet campaigns in Swansea have an excellent chance of reaching the people who may be interested in your business, and potentially increasing the rate of new customer acquisition.

Advertising Your Business Through Leaflet Distribution

Among the many reasons to invest part of your marketing budget into cost-effective leaflet distribution in Swansea are:-

  • SMEs that invest an additional £1 spent will see that the impact may have eight times the effect on sales relative to its size.
  • Leaflet drops – also known as door drops – help with building new customers as marketing collateral delivered to a door has a much greater potential to stay within that house and be seen by multiple inhabitants of that house.
  • Digital advertising in contrast is very much restricted to the given device or recipient.

Door drops provide a very cost-effective means of promoting your business and helps drive interest in your product or service offering. With a major city like Swansea, there is however natural concern that you may not know which households to canvas with your leaflet distribution. At Leafletdrop, we simplify targeting the correct households by providing household data that factors in income, age group and other key demographics that ensure you are distributing your printed sales collateral to the intended audience.

Let Leafletdrop Help Your Swansea Business Grow

At Leafletdrop, we can get started on your unaddressed leaflet, flyer and promotional campaigns in minutes. Our easy to use targeting tool will help ensure that your leaflet distribution in Swansea targets the right people for your business and products.

Our typical client base is very diverse and multi-sectoral and includes charities who seek a cost-effective means to engage and gather donations, small to medium enterprises with a host of different products and services right through to high street brands. Large brands still rely on traditional marketing to complement their online or other media channels as leaflet distribution provides another tool in their marketing arsenal.

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