Increase your business’ presence within the local area in an effective manner with leaflet distribution. Preston is home to just over 140,000 people and around 62,600 homes, which offers vast opportunities to reach a lot of potential customers, whatever type of company you run.

At Leafletdrop we offer leaflet distribution in Preston and have a targeting tool to help you make the most of your budget. This narrows down homes in the town that meet any specific criteria for the types of people you wish to reach. Whatever industry your business is based in, its size and aims, our services can help boost your presence in Preston.  


Leaflet Advertising in Preston

Did you know that 89% of consumers remember receiving a door drop mailing? According to research gathered by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) leaflet advertising can be highly effective as:

  • 90% of people are happy to receive unaddressed mail
  • 45% keep leaflets on a pinboard or in a kitchen drawer, leaving a lasting impression
  • Leaflet drops are kept for an average of 37 days

Leaflet advertising in Preston can be a great way to attract new customers, whether you run a local garage, restaurant, takeaway, shop or other service in the town. From Fulwood to Ribbleton and Ingol, using our leaflet targeting tool you can choose specific distribution areas based on their postcode or the types of people who live there. This makes leaflet advertising in Preston a lot more effective if you run a takeaway with a certain delivery radius, for example.

Organise Your Leaflet Campaign in Preston

Set up your own leaflet campaign in Preston with Leafletdrop. We offer both distribution only and printing and distribution services to start your leaflet campaign in Preston. Both can be done in a few simple steps, placing your order online and using our targeting tool to hit the houses you desire.  

Whether you’re looking to advertise a limited time offer, have set up a new business in the Lancashire town or simply want to boost your marketing activities and presence, leaflet distribution in Preston can be an effective way to achieve any of these goals.

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