Arrange effective leaflet distribution in Peterborough and the surrounding area here at Leafletdrop. We provide the perfect solution if your business needs to improve its presence in the Cambridgeshire cathedral city or wider area, from focusing on a specific demographic or postcode.

Peterborough’s population is close to 200,000, which provides plenty of marketing opportunities for both new and established businesses based in and around the city. Whatever type of company you run, whether it’s a small start-up, a decent sized restaurant or anything else, leaflet distribution in Peterborough can quickly and easily spread the word.

Leaflet Advertising in Peterborough

Leaflet advertising has been found to be impactful in many different ways, as according to recent research::

  • 45% of people keep leaflets in a kitchen drawer or on a pinboard
  • 89% of consumers remember receiving a door drop mailing
  • 90% of people are happy to receive retail based unaddressed mail

Therefore, leaflet advertising in Peterborough could be the next step your business takes as part of an efficient marketing strategy. Use our targeting tool to identify your target demographic in the city. This could be a certain postcode if you run a takeaway service with a maximum delivery radius for example, or if you are simply aiming for families, young adults, those in later life or whatever your target customers may be. 

Leaflet advertising in Peterborough can be effective for introducing a new business in the area, promoting special offers or just increasing your brand presence if you have been established in the region for a while.

Start a Leaflet Campaign in Peterborough

Improve your business presence by starting a leaflet campaign in Peterborough and the surrounding area with Leafletdrop. Once you have used the targeting tool to identify the optimum distribution range, you can organise your own printing or let us take care of it if you have print-ready artwork. Easy online payment means you can get your campaign up and running in no time. 

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