With a population of some 617,000 inhabitants, Gloucester is a thriving city that is enjoying good economic growth as one of the South West’s powerhouses. Sitting within Gloucestershire, Leafletdrop have many active clients using our services for leaflet advertising in Gloucester and the surrounding county. Marketeers are making the most of their marketing spend with highly effective leaflet distribution that has a high potential to produce a ROI in a world where traditional print material is making a comeback.

Leaflet Distribution Gloucester – Find your Marketing Audience

Using Leafletdrop’s leaflet targeting software, our clients can pinpoint what type of households within Gloucester and the surrounding area they would like to approach with leaflet distribution. Our easy to use software allows you to drill down into the perfect demographic that might be interested in your products based on typical household data within Gloucester.

This data includes household ages and income brackets and at Leafletdrop we categorise typical the household makeup into four categories:-

  • Families: Adults with children
  • Early Life: Adults 21-35 years old
  • Mid Life: Adults 35-55 years old
  • Later Life: Adults 55 years and over

This kind of granular data is gold for marketeers looking for leaflet distribution in Gloucester as it makes it easier to target their ideal client audience. Gyms looking to boost membership in and around Gloucester might for example target the Mid Life category, while the Families grouping might be the ideal audience for toys, after school clubs and educational resources.

If you would like to talk to one of our account managers, please call Leafletdrop on 01628 816611 and they will be able to help steer your leaflet advertising campaign all the way through print to physical distribution. Alternatively start your leaflet distribution campaign in Gloucester using our intuitive software.


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