Leaflet Distribution in Bolton

One of the largest towns in Greater Manchester, leaflet distribution in Bolton can significantly boost your business’ presence in and around the area. A leaflet campaign in Bolton can be a highly effective way to get your name out there in the first place, showcase new services or products and increase awareness among your target market. 

As the town has a population closely approaching 300,000 and around 116,000 households, that provides a lot of potential new customers across the town to reach. At Leafletdrop, we offer low-cost, targeted leaflet distribution in Bolton that can be tailored to your specific needs. 

Leaflet Advertising in Bolton

According to research, 89% of consumers remember receiving a door drop mailing. Leaflet advertising in Bolton can be an effective way to reach potential customers, leaving a lasting impression, whether you run a local takeaway, garage, estate agents or any other business.

Our targeting tool makes it easy to reach your local audience. This can be used to highlight specific types of people or certain areas, from Daubhill and Deane, to Halliwell, Burnden and other parts of the town. If you’ve got a set delivery radius for example, we can narrow down the houses targeted based on that with leaflet advertising in Bolton.

Many different businesses have greatly benefited from targeted leaflet distribution, as research has shown that:

  • 90% of people are happy to receive retail based unaddressed mail
  • 45% keep leaflets on a pinboard or in a kitchen drawer, leaving a lasting impression
  • Leaflet drops are kept for an average of 37 days too, creating over a month of advertising in the home

Arrange a Leaflet Campaign in Bolton

Whether you require distribution only or want a full service including print, both are possible when you organise a leaflet campaign in Bolton with Leafletdrop. Place your order online and we’ll do the rest, including printing your design, planning the distribution based on where you want the leaflets to go and oversee the delivery process.

We’ve run leaflet campaigns in Bolton for a variety of businesses, so you’re in safe hands when you choose to use Leafletdrop.

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