How Frequently Should You Run Leaflet Campaigns

In this article we look at the frequency of leaflet distribution and what becomes very apparent is that all the elements within this guide are very much intertwined with critical dependencies for real success.

Inline with all forms of marketing and advertising, leaflet distribution achieves best results from multiple leaflet campaigns as they work to reinforce brand and your service or product offering.

Step aside from your own campaigns for a moment and think back about the first time you saw a new brand or product. Initially your brain will store that logo or that product passively in your memory and thought process. Subsequent encounters with that brand or product leave a much clearer memory, to such a degree that in your daily life you will start to see that logo or product. Where advertising works best is through the influence it creates, the passive seduction of your thought process and hopefully buying decisions.

Multiple or Subsequent Leaflet Drops – Recall That Memory

While there is no empirical answer as to how often or how regularly you should run your leaflet distribution campaigns, the sole purpose is to nudge the initial memory about your product and reinforce that recognition – the continued teasing of influence and decision making.

Put into context. If Campaign 1 generates x% responses, Campaign 2 is likely to x% responses plus an additional percentage as subsequent leaflet distribution campaigns typically produce proportionately better results than the first one. Add the fact that leaflet is likely to stay within the house for several weeks or shared and chances are that subsequent leaflet campaigns nudge recipients to become potential customers.

If you ensure you have the means to measure each campaign – through for example different reference or discount codes – you can gain your own marketing intelligence to determine the efficacy of each subsequent campaign. Success across leaflet distribution will be most influenced by two factors:-

  • Reach – who you show your leaflet too – refine and target the perfect audience and target numbers
  • Frequency – how you continue to expose your company and products to that targeted audience

Naturally there will be other factors that will influence how often you run your leaflet campaigns including: -

  • Seasonality – yearly peaks influenced by weather and calendar events
  • Competition – are your competitors aggressively campaigning in your catchment area
  • Your own KPIs & Budget – how much budget you have and how much you want to expose your brand to your target audience

As can be seen, there are many variants and no definitive rules to as to running leaflet advertising campaigns on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. At Leafletdrop, we have many years of helping business reach their customers and can provide further best practice and case studies that can provide you insight into your marketing potential. Talk to the leaflet drop professionals on 01628 816611.

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