How to create a campaign


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Sign up

- Clicking start and provide a few details or log in with your existing account details

Create a campaign 

- Go to your dashboard

- Click create your leaflet campaign to get started 

- Give your campaign a name for example a holiday centre advertising a summer sale might use 'Summer blow out 2018' and click start 

Targeting tool 

- Click add a new area to bring up the targeting tool 

- Enter the postcode, town or city of the area you wish to target for example Broadstairs

- Now select the distance of the area you wish to cover in drive time or radius and click search 

- The map now shows you all postcode sectors and households in your area

- Now you can select your target audience. We have split these into four simple categories:

  • Families
  • Early-life
  • Mid-life
  • Later-life 

- These categories expand further for more refined targeting

- You can hover over the question mark to find out more about each sub category

- Select either an entire category or any amount of sub sectors or both in any group

- The map will change to reflect your selections

- Yellow sectors hold less of your target households and the dark orange holds more of your target audience

- Now choose your income bracket. Leave both selected to target all household incomes or de select on or the other

- Use the slider to adapt the number of target households selected on the map

- Sectors automatically turn blue as you use the slider

- Wide gives you more households with a broader audience

- Accurate gives you less households who are close to your target audience selections

- Hover over the map to see how many households and an estimated distribution cost for this sector

- You can also click to add and remove sectors on the map or manage them manually by clicking 'Manage target areas manually' 

- Check your total volume and cost at the bottom of the page and when happy, click add this area at the bottom right 

- Click add a new area if you would like to add multiple areas to your campaign

- You can also upload your own sectors from an excel file

Selecting a service option 

- Click Next: Services to see our service options

- If you have or are getting your leaflets printed, select distribution only

- We need to see a copy of your design before your distribution to ensure it’s not competing with any other leaflets in your chosen area and that your leaflet confirms to ASA guidelines

- You can upload a copy of this, select a copy you previously uploaded or provide us with some details if you haven’t yet got your design ready

- We also offer an all-inclusive print and distribution service if you need your leaflets printed

- Click print and distribution if you have a design you can upload

- Select the format you leaflet design is in. For example, A4 folded leaflet

- Then choose your preferred paper weight, paper finish and orientation

- Then click Next: Artwork

- Next, upload your print ready artwork for our printers or select from a previously uploaded design

- Click browse to find your print ready artwork file on your computer and select to upload it

- Then click upload design

- Check and approve your design and click use this artwork

Schedule your campaign 

- Now you can select when you want your distribution to start

- Click ASAP to get the next available date or choose a date that best matches when you want your campaign to start

- Campaigns start on Mondays and you will need to pick a date three weeks away minimum

- Then click Next: Summary


- Check your order summary to ensure everything is as it should be and click place order

- Now all that’s left to do is fill in your details, payment information and click place order

- We will email you your order confirmation, invoice and distribution start and finish times

- Head over to our FAQ's and blog section for more information and how to's on our all-inclusive leaflet distribution tool

Need a demo? 

Call: 01628 816 611