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Creating a leaflet campaign on Leafletdrop couldn’t be easier.

Sign up by clicking start or log in with your existing account details.

This is your dashboard here you can access current campaigns, edit your details, find support and create campaigns.

Click create your leaflet campaign to get started.

Give your campaign a name for example a holiday centre advertising a summer sale might use 'Summer blow out 2018' and click start.

Now to find your target households, click add a new area to bring up the targeting tool.

Enter the postcode, town or city of the area you wish to target for example Broadstairs, then click the search button.

Now select the distance of the area you wish to cover in drive time or radius.

The map now shows you all postcode sectors and households in your area.

Now you can select your target audience.

We have split these into four simple categories:

Families, Early-life, Mid-life and Later-life.

These categories expand further for more refined targeting.

You can hover over the question mark to find out more about each sub category.

Select either an entire category or any amount of sub sectors or both in any group.

The map will change to reflect your selections.

Yellow sectors hold less of your target households and the dark orange holds more of your target audience.

Now choose your income bracket. Leave both selected to target all household incomes or de select on or the other.

Use the slider to adapt the number of target households selected on the map.

Sectors automatically turn blue as you use the slider.

Wide gives you more households with a broader audience.

Accurate gives you less households who are close to your target audience selections.

Hover over the map to see how many households and an estimated distribution cost for this sector.

You can also click to add and remove sectors on the map.

You can also manage the sectors manually by clicking here.

Check your total volume and cost at the bottom of the page.

Once happy with these, click add this area at the bottom right.

Click add a new area if you would like to add multiple areas to your campaign.

You can also upload your own sectors from an excel file.

Now you can select the service option you require.

Click Next: Services to see our service options.

If you have or are getting your leaflets printed, select distribution only.

We need to see a copy of your design before your distribution to ensure it’s not competing with any other leaflets in your chosen area and that your leaflet confirms to ASA guidelines.

You can upload a copy of this, select a copy you previously uploaded or provide us with some details if you haven’t yet got your design ready.

We also offer an all-inclusive print and distribution service if you need your leaflets printed.

Click print and distribution if you have a design you can upload.

Select the format you leaflet design is in. For example, A4 folded leaflet.

Then choose your preferred paper weight, paper finish and orientation.

Then click Next: Artwork.

Next, upload your print ready artwork for our printers or select from a previously uploaded design.

Click browse to find your print ready artwork file on your computer and select to upload it.

Then click upload design.

Check and approve your design and click use this artwork.

Now you can select when you want your distribution to start.

Click ASAP to get the next available date or choose a date that best matches when you want your campaign to start.

Campaigns start on Mondays and you will need to pick a date three weeks away minimum.

Then click Next: Summary.

Check your order summary to ensure everything is as it should be and click place order.

Now all that’s left to do is fill in your details, payment information and click place order.

We will email you your order confirmation, invoice and distribution start and finish times.

Head over to our FAQ's and blog section for more information and how to's on our all-inclusive leaflet distribution tool.




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