A guide to Leaflet distribution and advertising

Whether you are a leaflet distribution novice or veteran, Leafletdrop’s Essential Guide to Leaflet Distribution aims to provide useful tips from one of the UK’s leading leaflet distribution companies. If at any stage you need to tap into our extensive leaflet advertising industry experience, please contact our team on 01628 816611.

Our leaflet advertising guide is broken down into easily digestible sections and covers the fundamentals in helping you get a good return on investment and most importantly leads and sales.

As you read this guide to leaflet marketing, it will become apparent that all elements are intertwined and there are critical dependencies – no point for example in designing the most elaborate and compelling leaflet if you are targeting the wrong audience.

Why – Why Use Leaflet Distribution and Leaflet Advertising. At Leafletdrop, we will naturally be biased towards the effectiveness of leaflet advertising, but we aren’t alone in that belief. Leading industry organisations such as The Direct Marketing Association also support this.

When and Who – When and Who Should Use Leaflet Drop Advertising. Again, very industry specific and potentially influenced by seasonality but read about when is the best time to promote your company through leaflet distribution.

Frequency – How Often Should You Run Leaflet Distribution Campaigns. The frequency of leaflet distribution will be very much industry specific, have seasonality and other factors to consider. Leaflet advertising however is all about the tease of marketing and leaving an impression with your audience with subsequent outreach converting the interested into actual customers.

Stand Out – Making Offers Compelling and Effective. As consumers we are inundated daily with offers and discounts – do your maths and work out how you can make your offer convert better.

TargetFinding the Best Target Audience for Your Leaflet Advertising Campaigns. Arguably one of the most critical elements to leaflet campaign success – know who your audience is, identify where they are and work to promote your products and services.

Design – Leaflet Design – Making Leaflet Distribution Campaigns Count. You’ve found your ideal demographic and have found the means to distribute leaflets at a competitive price – if your design does not hit the mark then this is a wasted opportunity. Read how to make leaflet designs achieve the desired outcome.

Measure – Measure How Well Your Leaflet Distribution Works. As with all things in business, you need to work how much return on investment your leaflet distribution strategy is bringing and how well your marketing campaigns are working. Learn how to measure using a variety of simple tools and processes.

We would love to hear from you and can be on hand to provide first hand experience and knowledge in this cost-effective marketing strategy. Call Leafletdrop today or get started on your first campaign.


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