"The targeting section blew me away"

When I was first shown Leafletdrop.co.uk, I was immediately impressed and could see how it would help grow my business. It’s a great user-friendly online system, providing me with a simple solution for leaflet print and distribution. The targeting section blew me away. I never knew how important targeting was to find new customers. I also like the fact that I can have just one supplier for design, print and leaflet distribution. 

DR Electical Leaflet Distribution - Leafletdrop

Leafletdrop.co.uk has helped me reach more customers in my local area and I’m spending my marketing budget much smarter. I look forward to planning future leaflet campaigns using Leafletdrop.co.uk

I received excellent service from the Leafletdrop team at Whistl and am happy to recommend them to anyone who needs a simple leaflet advertising solution.

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