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Do you have a question about distribution? Here you can find the FAQs you may have on our distribution methods. See these FAQs here

Q. Why do you need to see a description or a copy of, my leaflet design if I am using the 'distribution only' service?

A. This is to ensure your leaflet is not competing with any other company leaflet offering a similar product or service as you, at the same time and area as your distribution. If you have provided a description only, please note that we will need to see a copy of your design at least three weeks before your distribution is due to start. Please send a PDF of all sides of the design to leafletdrop@whistl.co.uk. Your order is at risk of being cancelled if we do not receive this on time.

Q. What style and size can my leaflets be?

A. Your leaflets can be any style however, they cannot exceed 20 grams in weight, they must be under 5mm in depth and can't be over A4 (210 x 297 mm) format. However, we recommend your leaflets do not exceed 19 grams each to allow for any excess moisture that may have built up before being weighed. If the item comes in larger than the above then you may be subject to overweight charges.

Q. If I decide to change what I want to advertise on my leaflets between booking the distribution and going to print, what will happen?

A. If this happens, you must let us know by emailing leafletdrop@whistl.co.uk. We would need to see a visual of your artwork.  If there are any major changes to what you were originally advertising, your availability may be affected and we may need to either book this over extra weeks or you would be subject to cancellation charges. 

Q. How should I pack my leaflets before sending to Royal Mail?

A. If your leaflets will be boxed, you will need to check that each box of leaflets weighs less than 10kg. If your leaflets will be bundled, each bundle must weigh less than 6.4kg. Ensure labels on boxes or bundles are clearly visible. Check each box or bundle contains one leaflet design for one distribution centre on one delivery date. Protect your items by strapping and packing them securely. You will receive full instructions with your booking confirmation.

Q. Where and when do I send my leaflets?

A. Once your booking is confirmed full delivery instructions will be provided via email. However please be aware of the following information and deadlines prior to confirming your booking on Leafletdrop:

Leaflets will need to be delivered to the supplied delivery addresses at least 10 days in advance of your distribution date and can be delivered as early as 18 days in advance. The earlier you hand over your items the better. This means we have a longer period to check your items over and, if there are any issues, to help you put these right before your distribution date*

 *Deadlines are subject to change due to Bank Holiday periods. Please ensure that you use the delivery instructions provided once your distribution is confirmed.

Q. Who delivers my leaflets to my target households?

A. Leafletdrop uses Royal Mail distribution which covers all 27 million UK households. This network is ideal for 100% coverage of your chosen areas to ensure maximum reach and is delivered alongside the householder’s addressed mail. On occasions, when Royal Mail are not available on your chosen distribution dates, we will use Whistl Home Networks or contact you to arrange another suitable date.

Q. What is the Whistl Home Networks?

A. Whistl Home Networks covers 14 million UK households, typically more densely populated towns and cities. Your campaign is delivered by our dedicated team of distributors – either straight through the letterbox or alongside the local newspaper. Whistl Home Networks is only used when the Royal Mail distribution is not available for your chosen campaign period.

Q. How long does it take for my leaflets to reach my target audience?

A. When scheduling your distribution, you will need to pick a date three weeks in advance to allow for Royal Mail to plan in the distribution. Your leaflets will then be delivered over a two week period from your chosen start week subject to availability. If there are any problems with availability, we will be in touch to select alternative dates.

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