Looking to use our professional designers? We have tried to think of any questions you may have on using our leaflet designers. See these FAQs here

Q. I don’t have a leaflet design yet, do you offer a design service?

A. Yes. We work with a professional designer who offers exclusive prices for Leafletdrop users. If you would like to find out more or book a design, please email us at leafletdrop@whistl.co.uk

Q. How much does a design cost?

A. All designs are priced individually based on a number of aspects however prices start from around £200. Please see all design options below:

Leaflet Artwork – for all formats -

Standard: Leaflet artwork from a selection of templates. 

Premium: You provide the brand guidelines or clear branding style via a website / business card and we’ll create a design as an extension of your brand. 

Bespoke: Don’t have a distinctive look & feel? We’ll create you a design to be proud of.

Copywriting -

Standard: Upload your own completed copy. This should be meticulously proofread to avoid any post-print ‘typos’. 

Premium: You provide the copy you want to include and we'll wave the magic editing wand to make it shout loudly from the pages. Our first class service includes a full proof read and light edits - from improving sentences and wording structure to checking grammar and spelling.

Bespoke: We take the information that you want to include in your leaflet and turn it into crisp, clear and compelling copy. Fill out the Copy Information Form (this will be sent to you), answer the key questions, and our wordsmiths will get to work creating content that will get your company’s core messages into the minds of target customers. 

Images -

Standard: Upload your own images – please ensure print resolution images (at least 300dpi, greater than 40mm wide and converted to CMYK) File format .jpg, .tiff, .psd .eps, .ai, .pdf, .png.

Premium: You provide the images you want to include and we'll wave the magic editing wand to prepare for print as above. 

Bespoke: Don’t have images? We’ll source to meet your brief.

Logo artwork -

Standard: Upload your own logo – please ensure this a print resolution image (at least 300dpi, greater than 40mm wide and converted to CMYK) and ideally on a transparent background. File format .eps, .ai, .pdf, .png.

Premium: You provide the artwork and we’ll make improvements if necessary to prepare for print.

Bespoke: Don’t have a logo? We’ll create you one using the information you have supplied.

You can also download our in depth, technical print guide by clicking here.

Q. Do you have tick and bleed guides?

A. Yes. We have guides for every available format on our website. You can find your format with the download to its guide below. For more information on print ready artwork, visit our blog page here. 

A6 2 page landscape: Download

A6 2 page portrait: Download

A6 4 page landscape: Download

A6 4 page portrait: Download

A5 2 page landscape: Download

A5 2 page portrait: Download

A5 4 page landscape: Download

A5 4 page portrait: Download

A4 2 page landscape: Download

A4 2 page portrait: Download

A4 4 page landscape: Download

A4 4 page portrait: Download

DL 2 page portrait: Download

DL 4 page portrait: Download

DL 6 page portrait: Download

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