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Do you have a question about a current booking? We have tried to think of any questions you may have on bookings. See these FAQs here  

Q. Will I receive confirmation of my order and an invoice?

A. Yes. You will receive an automated email from Leafletdrop confirming details of your order and a separate email containing your invoice. If you do not receive your confirmation email within 24 hours, please email the Leafletdrop Customer Services team: leafletdrop@whistl.co.uk 

Q. Will I receive a confirmation that my distribution has started?

A. Yes. We will email you once we have started delivering your leaflets to your target households. We also send an email confirmation once your distribution has been completed.

Q. Will I see a finished copy of my leaflet?

A. We will always check print quality on your behalf, and we’ll send you a copy of your printed item by post to the company address provided on your account.

Q. What if I’m not happy with my order?

A. If you have a query or complaint, please get in touch, quoting your order reference number (which can be found on your order confirmation email or retrieved from your ‘campaign’ summary page). We will endeavour to resolve any complaint within 14 days and keep you informed during the resolution process.

Q. Can I save my uploads to use them for future bookings?

A. Yes. Just ensure the box labelled 'save to my library' is ticked when uploading a file.

Q. Can I review my orders?

A. Yes. All past orders can be viewed under the ‘campaigns’ section at the top of your screen. You can display details of each order, including size and format, distribution dates and volume.

Q. Can I repeat bookings?

A. Yes. Simply start a new campaign, select your areas and all previous imagery or leaflet uploads can be saved in your library meaning you can create the same campaign in just a few clicks.

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