Working Out the Costs of Leaflet Distribution

For both new and established businesses, leaflet distribution is an effective way to increase your presence in the local and wider area. It can complement a variety of digital marketing strategies but one thing that can be off-putting to some companies is the costs involved. Leaflet design, printing and distribution doesn’t come free, though it can still work out to be a highly cost-effective solution.

At Leafletdrop we offer transparent pricing, so you can easily compare the costs of arranging a campaign and work out the best option that suits your needs and budget.

All the Costs to Consider

There are a number of prices that must be factored in to work out the total amount it will cost your business to organise and execute a leaflet campaign. These can include:

  • Designing the leaflet
  • Printing costs
  • Distribution or postage
  • Labour delivery costs
  • Admin charges for dealing with orders, targeting households and more

The costs will vary depending on various elements, such as whether you design the leaflets yourself or outsource to a professional. For those on a tight budget, choosing to print in black and white can be a cost-cutting measure but may result in a less effective impact on potential customers and ROI.

Pricing Up a Leaflet Campaign

The new pricing platform we have launched at Leafletdrop makes it quick and easy to work out how much a leaflet distribution campaign will cost your business in the UK. It shows how much per leaflet it will cost in pence, based on the number of leaflets you wish to have distributed.

Using Leafletdrop’s distribution service can save your business a lot, while we offer print and distribution services as well.

  • Delivery of one leaflet = 7p*
  • Printing and delivery of one leaflet = 8p*

Try the pricing tool for yourself here.  

The costs will change depending on your budget and how many properties you need to target, but it can be much cheaper to arrange a leaflet distribution campaign through Leafletdrop. If you’re still unsure, take a look at our case studies of clients in various industries that have experienced success through such campaigns.

Get Started With Leafletdrop

Sign up for free to begin building your campaign. Our leaflet targeting tool lets you choose the appropriate households within the desired area(s) for your campaign to make your budget go further and ensure your business is getting in front of your ideal customers. You can also receive 10% off the price of your first leaflet distribution campaign when you use Leafletdrop**.

*The price per item has been rounded to the nearest decimal place based on the total campaign cost for 15,000 A6, 2 sided leaflets printed on 90 gsm gloss paper. The total campaign cost for print and distribution is £1310.09.

**Offer only available if you have not booked a campaign with Whistl or one of our partners or carriers within the last 18 months.