The Power of Leafletdrop

Understandably, at Leafletdrop we’re passionate about leaflet distribution and campaigns. So much so that we’re always happy to explain the many benefits our services can have on businesses of any shape and size. However, we realise that simply taking our word for it doesn’t cut it with everyone.

That’s why we’ve pulled together some research and official stats about door drops to back up our claims that it’s a great marketing option for many businesses. Learn about the power of Leafletdrop across individual sectors and the wider industry below.

The Impact of Door Drop

A door drop campaign is designed to cover a specific area and it is the only channel that can really provide 100% coverage. Emails, TV adverts, phone calls and social media can target every home, but they might not all be seen. With a leaflet through the door, someone has to pick it up and move it, which can generate a memorable experience with your advertising material.

38% of households keep their Leaflets for a few days and 13% keep them for over a week onaverage, providing the opportunity for multiple views and impressions. That’s unlike an email or social media post, which will likely be seen once and either deleted or ignored in the future.

Leafletdrop Reaches More

Industry Stats

The impact of leaflet distribution varies depending on the sector. At Leafletdrop we did some research into the key industries our clients are based in and uncovered some useful stats that demonstrate the power a Leafletdrop campaign can have.

  • Charities: 5.7% of those who receive a door drop item made a purchase or donated to charity. 
  • Restaurants: 69% of door drop recipients remember receiving communication from restaurants and takeaways.
  • Retail: 48% of people visited a shop, asked for more information or bought a product after receiving a leaflet through the door. 

On a more general scale, industry insights from research conducted into door drops has found that almost 70% of all leaflets delivered are read. Plus, 47% of people say they find new product leaflets useful to receive, while in shared households 20% of promotional mail is passed on. 

The power of Leaflet Advertising is clear, so sign up to Leafletdrop to start creating your own tailored campaign today. 


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