Leaflet Distribution Pricing

How much does a leaflet distribution cost? Well, it can be affected by a number of different aspects from who delivers it to who designs it. There are some other aspects to consider when looking at flyer distribution costs. These can include:

  • Leaflet designs pricing
  • Leaflet distribution costs
  • Admin or agency fees
  • Leaflet printing
  • Leaflet logistics (getting your leaflets from your printers to your distributors)

Leaflet distribution costs

Door-to-door leaflet distribution is usually done one of three ways – through a local distributor, within a local newspaper or magazine, or via the Royal Mail. Each one has its own costs associated, with some cheaper than others, but not always for the right reasons.

Using a local distributor can be cheaper than using Royal Mail distribution for example, however it is usually delivered alongside potentially competitive material and can be more wide spread (rather than targeted).

Local magazine or newspaper inserts can also be cost effective, though they do not stand out as much as an isolated flyer on the doormat.

Royal Mail is slightly more expensive. However, it is highly targeted to the sectors in which you choose and is guaranteed not to be delivered alongside competitive material. It also has the added benefit of being delivered with a household’s normal post, adding impact and trust on the doormat.

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Leaflet design costs

Designing a great-looking leaflet is essential to a successful campaign and having the ability to do this is a fantastic way to save costs. Don’t worry however, if you don’t have the creative skills to manage this.

Print-ready artwork is the final design and format in which printers need your flyers to be in, so they can be printed to the highest of quality. If you are lacking the skills needed to get this file designed and ready, then you will need a designer to help (which of course comes with its own costs). Leaflet adverting costs will differ depending on how many pages/panels your leaflet has and which designer you use. Expect costs to be between £100 - £2000, depending on whether you use a small one-person band or a full-on creative agency.

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Leaflet printing costs

Leaflet printing is a highly competitive market with hundreds of printers in the UK alone. This can affect the pricing dramatically, which is why it is always important to shop around to get the best quote.

Printing costs are also affected by volume. Usually, the more you print, the most cost effective it is for the printers, which is why the price per item can come down if your volume goes up.

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Other flyer advertising costs

One thing to note when organising a leaflet campaign is that other costs can often be missed, such as leaflet logistics. That is the price of getting your leaflets from the printers to the distributors. Some distributors offer and charge for a collection service, or you may have to pay postage from the printers themselves.

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