Leaflet Distribution Planning Ahead of Time

Leaflet distribution works well to provide a strong ROI and can help with marketing your products and services. In contrast to the increasing overload of digital, visual and audio advertising we are bombarded with, traditional printed materials that are delivered to the right target audience, have a higher read rate and longer retention to other marketing channels.

A recent study by the Royal Mail found that 92% of people read door drops* that are delivered to their homes. Most importantly however is that the leaflet drops tend to stay in the house and are shared with multiple people in that home. Marketers across all sectors will easily recognise that these stats are significantly better than email open rates, click through rates or other conversion metrics.

Plan When to Leaflet Drop – Timing is Critical

While leaflet drops cannot be planned with empirical time accuracy compared to say digital email marketing, most providers will be able to provide a delivery window for leaflet drops to a specific week.

Prior to starting any leaflet distribution campaign, it is critical to plan the timeline and forecast when the interest from your leaflet drops will peak. Based on that heightened period of interest, marketeers need to then reverse plan that timeline to ensure that:-

  • Stock levels are adequate
  • Enough people resource is available to answer calls, pack product, be available for quotations

Other Factors to Consider Ahead of a Leaflet Drop

While it is critical to get your house in order ahead of completing your leaflet drop, there are also external factors to consider. Tackling these factors ahead of the leaflet drop campaign will in their aggregate help with the ultimate success and additional factors to consider include:-

  • Seasonality – if you are a service provider such as gardening, household maintenance, building or other trade related services – plan ahead to identify when your peak seasonal period will be and do not waste marketing budget on you gardening services in the peak of winter.
  • Special events – look at your marketing calendar and your target audience and plan ahead of key calendar dates such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentines Day and other periods when interest in your products could be heightened and plan accordingly.
  • Look to plan the leaflet drop to dovetail with pay day – recipients are more likely to be interested in your product or service with funds in their bank accounts.

At Leafletdrop we have many years of experience in the leaflet advertising industry and our account managers will be able to help plan and give best practice advice on how to plan leaflet drop campaigns. Talk to our team today on 01628 816611 or get started by using our intuitive leaflet advertising tools.

*Royal Mail MarketReach, Iluminas 2014.