Leaflet advertising strategy

Leaflet advertising works. In fact, according to the Direct Marketing Association, 48% of people who receive a leaflet will visit a shop, send for information or buy a product as a result.

But what are the best steps to take when planning your leaflet advertising strategy?

We have put together a few steps you can take to ensure you make the most out of your next leaflet campaign with Leafletdrop.co.uk.

Step one – What are you sending?

Leaflets and flyers need to have impact on the door mat and to stand out from other mail and leaflets customers get.

No matter what your leaflet says, or when you send it, there will always be other post on the doormat. That’s why your leaflets have to stand out from the crowd.

At Leafletdrop, we ensure your item isn’t competing with any other leaflet from your business sector. It’s also one of Royal Mail’s top rules for leaflet advertising, but ensuring your campaign is eye catching, fun to read and including a great offer could mean a boost in your return on investment.



Step two – Who are you reaching?

Having a good knowledge of your target audience will ensure you are reaching the right people, in the right households.

Understand who your best customers are. What are their key characteristics, where do they live, how do they reach your business? Use this information to target similar looking prospects.

Leafletdrop’s targeting tool allows you to find households within your business’s local area that are more likely to respond to your leaflet. You can target specific types of people, with low, medium or high incomes within a certain drive time or radius of your company.

Step three – What’s your message?

Your leaflets message is the key to prompting a response from your reader. For your message to stand out, is there something you offer that is uniquely different from others?

Are you able to give an incentive for people to respond? Studies show people are more likely to act on marketing if they include a promotion or discounts.

Leafletdrop.co.uk allows you to upload your design for print in most formats from A4 to DL size giving you the room to fit those important promotions or discount messages into your leaflet campaign.




Step four – What is your plan?

Leaflet advertising works great on its own, but works even better when planned in with your other marketing communications.

If you have other marketing planned, like social media, direct mail, TV, radio or anything else, you will need to think about how your leaflet campaign will fit in with them. If you time your campaigns to work together, they work better.

At Leafletdrop, you can pick your distribution week from 3 weeks in advance meaning we can distribute your leaflets at the same time as your other marketing communications.

Step five – What are your objectives?

Having a clear goal for your leaflets will ensure you can measure their effectiveness.

Think about what you want your leaflets to achieve? Does it fit in with the message you are sending? For example, do you want to increase footfall, drive sales online or simple buy a new product or service?

If you have one clear goal for the leaflet that is being distributed the more likely it will be to succeed.

Source: Royal Mail Market Reach.