Leaflet Advertising For Retailers

Retailers across the UK are still using Leaflet Advertising to drive new customers in store and online. In fact 808 million* retail leaflets were distributed to homes in 2018 but why are companies using flyers to drive new business?

The simple answer is because they work. From the 808 million flyers distributed, 906 million were seen and read 3.5 billion times. This is due to the fact that leaflets are kept in the home and shared with family and friends meaning for every 100 retail leaflets read another 12 will see them. People are not just reading the flyers they receive either, they are acting on them too.** 

49% of retail leaflets delivered in 2018 resulted in some sort of commercial action. This could be anything from discussing it with a friend or relative to making a payment or donation. From the 49%, 19% went on to make a purchase of some kind and 23% went online to the sender’s website or to find out more.** 

With retail spend expected to grow by over 3%^ in 2019, it is no wonder why retailers are looking for new and creative ways to reach potential customers. Leaflet advertising is still a trusted yet low cost form of marketing for both national advertisers and SME’s alike.

Leafletdrop has helped small to medium retail companies drive new sales with the use of our easy to use, smart targeting tool like Scotsdales Garden Centre who increased their sales by 8.5% year on year.

Read their case study here 

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*ALF 2018 Media Spend
**JICMAIL Q4 2018
^Statista 2018
^^7.5p per leaflet is based on the distribution cost for our distribution only service at the minimum order amount of 7,500 leaflets and does not include print. If ordering larger volumes, then the cost per item will go down.