Leaflets and Flyers for Retailers

Retailers across the UK have used leaflet advertising to drive new customers in-store and online for over 50 years. In fact, 808 million retail leaflets were distributed to homes in 2018 and over 2 billion retail flyers were read in 2019*. But we know the question you’ve come here to ask, does leaflet advertising for retailers really work? 



Leaflet distribution for retailers

The simple answer is, absolutely it does. From the 808 million flyers distributed, 906 million were seen and read 3.5 billion times.* This is due to the fact that leaflets are kept in the home and shared with family and friends. Meaning for every 100 retail leaflets read, another 12 will see them. People are not just reading the flyers they receive either, they are acting on them too.

49% of retail leaflets delivered in 2018 resulted in some sort of commercial activity. This could be anything from discussing it with a friend or relative, to making a payment or donation. From the 49%, 19% went on to make a purchase of some kind and 23% went online to the sender’s website or to find out more.*



Leafletdrop has helped small to medium retail companies drive new sales with our easy to use, smart targeting tool. With Leafletdrop, you can book an entire leaflet distribution campaign for your shop or online store online, in minutes.

Scotsdales Garden Centre increased its sales by 8.5% year on year by booking their Leafletdrop campaign.

Read their case study here


Types of Door drop marketing for retailers

Leafletdrop’s design, print and distribution service includes a variety of different leaflet formats designed to help grab a reader’s attention when they receive a retail flyer:

A4 Leaflet

A4 retail leaflets are perfect for longer messages or for showcasing a variety of products. This is due to the fact it is a larger piece of paper with an ample amount of space for adequate text and images. Leafletdrop offer A4 leaflets in either double or 4 sided formats.



A5 Leaflet

At around half the size of A4, A5 leaflets are great at grabbing attention. They fit nicely alongside the post and are great for new product releases and new offers or promotions.



A6 Leaflet

This smaller format is the perfect size to let your local customers know of new store openings with voucher codes, discounts and promotions. 



DL Leaflet

A DL leaflet is longer and thinner format a bit like a menu. Retail DL leaflets are best used to list your products, include maps to your stores and handy, cut off vouchers.



Leaflet Distribution only service

Leafletdrop also offer a leaflet distribution only service if you have already got your leaflets printed. These flyers can be in any shape or size under 20 grams and 5mm thick.

Simply sign up for free, create your first campaign and select "Distribution Only" at the services section of the campaign builder.

You will need to send your leaflets to Royal Mail ready for delivery and our handy leaflet experts will advise you on the correct labels and addresses you will need to send to. 

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Leaflet design tips for retailers

When your retail advertising leaflet is picked up from the doormat, it will get just three seconds to grab the reader’s attention. That is why it is important to think about the following when designing your flyer:

  • Remember to include your branding and offers on every page of the design to ensure it doesn’t get lost when landing on the doormat.
  • Don’t forget to use warm colours. An image of a blue jacket, for example, may not get as much attention as a red one.
  • Ensure you make your call to action clear and simple so readers can understand it and take action with ease.
  • Don’t overload your leaflet with text. Keep copy to a minimum and focus on your key call outs.

If you require design services, you will need to get in touch via our contact us page. Our leaflet experts can help with your brief and provide a quote for our design services depending on your needs.  


The cost of leaflet design and distribution for retailers

Leaflet advertising costs will depend on a number of different factors including the number of households you want to reach, the paper type you choose for your leaflets and whether you require leaflet printing.

Leafletdrop has created a handy pricing calculator for you, to see how much your next retail leaflet drop campaign may cost.

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