Advertising Regulation

If you are producing a leaflet advertising campaign, you should be aware of the content of the UK Advertising Codes which are administered by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Some of the key principles are set out below:

  • Marketing communications should be legal, decent, honest and truthful.
  • Marketing communications must reflect the spirit, not merely the letter of the code.
  • Marketing communications must be prepared with a sense of responsibility to consumers and to society.
  • Marketers must comply with all general rules and with relevant sector-specific rules.
  • No marketing communication should bring advertising into disrepute.
  • Marketing communications must respect the principles of fair competition generally accepted in business.

It is always best to check if you are unsure of anything you are saying to the public. Remember, it is you, the advertisers, responsibility for what you are communicating to the public. Further rules and guidance can be found at The ASA's website

Source: Royal Mail Market Reach