Case Study

"A return of almost £6 for every £1 spent"

Remembrance Day is mature as a campaign, so the Royal British Legion have to work creatively to recruit new supporters, particularly among younger age groups. The 11-11-11-11 campaign was designed to reflect on past and modern-day conflicts to resonate with a broad spectrum of consumers. 

The Royal British Legion Leaflet Advertising - Leafletdrop

The Royal British legion targeted where they had previous success with exiting supporters and the best-performing postcodes.

This momentous and highly targeted campaign recruited more than 28,700 new supporters, generating income totalling £2.5 million. Post-campaign analysis revealed that a high proportion of new supporters were in their 50s or younger, answering one of the Royal British Legion’s key objectives. Cold activity was profitable from the outset, with an ROI of £1.15, while warm activity achieved a return of almost £6 per £1 spent.

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