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In the modern age, a lot of marketing strategies are focused on the digital world. Whether it’s using social media to implement innovative ways to reach out to potential new customers, focusing on Google Analytics for reporting purposes or using online influencers, these can all be effective. However, traditional marketing strategies that remain offline, such as leaflet distribution, still hold many benefits and can help many businesses hit their marketing targets.

Benefits of Leaflet Distribution

As long as paper is still being produced and used, leaflet marketing will not disappear. This is because leaflet distribution remains an effective marketing tool for businesses across most sectors. Unlike a lot of digital marketing, where potential clients and customers can almost instantly click away from marketing materials, leaflet distribution can hold more long-term benefits through its physical presence:

  • Leaflets include a lot of information. There are no word counts or character limitations, so with fewer restrictions you can include as much or as little text and images as required.
  • They can be visually pleasing, when well-designed. This will grab attention with eye-catching colours, images and headers, with plenty of flexibility in shape and style.
  • You can target specific demographics and areas, as leaflets can be delivered only to the local region you have defined from your targeting. This is ideal when opening a new shop or restaurant for example, as digital marketing can be harder to keep on a local level.
  • There’s more of a long-term benefit as leaflets are a physical item they are delivered to your home and often retained to be looked at a later date or shared. . If they’re well-designed and easy to read then people will go back to them providing greater longevity than an email that is quickly deleted and never seen again.

Response Rates and Longevity

The main concern for most businesses thinking about using Leafletdrop is what are the response rates and cost-effectiveness of such strategies? Extensive research from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that 89% of consumers remember receiving a door drop mailing. This is significantly higher than any other marketing channel, demonstrating its impact.

Plus, 45% of people said that they keep leaflets that land through their door, in the kitchen drawer or stick it on a pin board. This further shows the prolonged benefit that leaflet drops can have as part of a marketing strategy.

Value of a Narrower Marketing Approach

Leaflet drops can be used as part of a more targeted marketing approach and provide a lot of value for certain businesses. For local businesses and services, a targeted strategy can be ideal as you will only be reaching relevant potential customers in the local area who are likely to use your services. Digital marketing can be more of a broadcast medium and be less effective in this sense.

It can also help form a much more focused marketing campaign where you can lay out who you want to target, if there’s a specific product or service rather than the entire business and anything else. For promoting a limited time offer this can be a more effective route to take for keeping costs down as well.

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